Anonymous said: How much is the average payment for shooting an event?


Anonymous said: I see you at shows all the time, and you've taken my picture a bunch but I'm always afraid to say hi! I don't wanna bother you.. I really wanna be one of the girls who you put your logo all over though.

At all times forever, its cool to ask me for a photo. Just be polite and wait your turn or wait for me to complete what im doing first. 

Anonymous said: don't take this the wrong way but try living a better lifestyle.. i don't think it's your commitment to yr job that's got you single.. it's them rolls forming under your chin.. go for a bike ride, drink water instead of booze, go out in the sun more. something! g]eez! just happy you don't point that thing at yourself too often

I thought the truffle shuffle was in? 

Anonymous said: How did you get so flawless!?

Anonymous said: Mew?


Anonymous said: Hi Mr. Coletta, I'm a big fan. I know you're working the events and all, but do you have time to say hi? Even to males? What if I'm wearing your shirt? Would that be strange?

I try to find time to say hi to everyone but I am working so thats my priority, just dont attack me when your blacked out and rolling. Thats not that much fun. 

Anonymous said: Yo bro, my girlfriend wants to know who I'm typing to. She's jealous. Anyway, you took some pics at a show last year on a boat of planes flying by. Anyway, who played that show? I think I was out of town for it. Red Rocks or Phish or something.

It was just a booze cruise, nothing special. 

Anonymous said: James, have you ever tried lemon jam? The stuff is amazing, especially when you're on shrooms. When's the last time you did shrooms man?

I’m pretty much only for raspberry jam. I also dont do shrooms but shroom lemon jam on man. 

Anonymous said: Personal Life shouldn't be capitalized.


Anonymous said: Chicks with dicks or dude-guys with clits?

You again…

Anonymous said: If you could do one thing in your life differently, what would it be? And don't respond with, "I have no regrets, everything in life happens for a reason" bullshit. Everyone has something, what's yours?

This is hard because I do have regrets but I’ve tired to learned from them all and right now I’m pretty happy with my life. I feel like if I changed one thing it would affect my life now. SO, to be gay for a minute, I wish I started listening to electronic music a lot sooner in life because I feel like I missed out on so many good dedicated years. 

Anonymous said: Y U SUCH DOUBLENIGGER???????

Pfft not even close, I’m like Double Jesse Katsopolis

goddess-flower said: I really love your mustache! A lot of guys end up looking like a 70s porn star but it suits you well!

Thanks! Many many many other people think it looks like 70s porn stach but either way I’m happy <3 

Anonymous said: Do you make all your money off photography gigs alone?

My photography is my full time job, I make my living off of it. 

Anonymous said: Why are you still single?

My commitment to my job makes to hard to be in a relationship. 

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